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Wayne S. Smith, diplomat who resigned over U.S. policy toward Cuba, dies at 91

He invited controversy with his outspoken advocacy of restoring normal relations between the countries.

By Matt SchudelJuly 7, 2024

Jon Landau, producer of blockbuster ‘Titanic,’ dies at 63

After the Oscar-winning “Titanic,” Mr. Landau was producer on “Avatar” and its sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

By Associated PressJuly 6, 2024

Mirta Díaz-Balart, wife of Fidel Castro before Cuban revolution, dies at 95

Ms. Díaz-Balart fled Cuba after her former husband seized power in 1959 but was forced to leave behind their son.

By Brian MurphyJuly 6, 2024

Vic Seixas, Grand Slam tennis champion from wooden racket era, dies at 100

Mr. Seixas won the Wimbledon title in 1953 and was a mainstay of the Davis Cup team for the United States.

By Associated PressJuly 6, 2024

Bruce Bastian, WordPerfect co-founder and LGBTQ+ champion, dies at 76

With one of his former professors, he developed the dominant word processor of the 1980s. He later served on the board of the Human Rights Campaign.

By Harrison SmithJuly 5, 2024

Brooks Johnson, storied track coach of students and Olympians, dies at 90

A former star sprinter, Mr. Johnson was known for his iron-fist coaching style with athletes including Olympic medalists and a student discus thrower named Al Gore.

By Brian MurphyJuly 5, 2024

June Leaf, spirited artist with a fantastical touch, dies at 94

Her pieces “have such an urgency about them, such a bloody physicality,” a Post critic said, “that they feel as if they’ve been squeezed out of her flesh.”

By Harrison SmithJuly 3, 2024

Robert Towne, Oscar-winning screenwriter of ‘Chinatown,’ dies at 89

Mr. Towne also was a prolific “script doctor” called in to help projects and use his skills to elevate dialogue.

By Brian MurphyJuly 3, 2024

Mildred Stahlman, preeminent physician in neonatal care, dies at 101

While based at Vanderbilt University, she established one of the first neonatal ICUs and discovered a treatment for an often-fatal lung condition in newborns.

By Matt SchudelJuly 2, 2024

Ismail Kadare, Albanian author who took on communist rule, dies at 88

While writing under a dictatorship, he won widespread acclaim for novels such as “The General of the Dead Army.” He received the Man Booker International Prize.

By Harrison SmithJuly 2, 2024

Pål Enger, art thief who stole ‘The Scream,’ dies at 57

A note was left in place of Edvard Munch’s famous painting after the 1994 heist in Oslo: “Thanks for the poor security.” The artwork was later recovered.

By Associated PressJuly 2, 2024

Audrey Flack, painter, sculptor and photorealist pioneer, dies at 93

After starting out as an abstract expressionist, she helped define the photorealist movement, becoming the only prominent woman in the group’s first generation.

By Harrison SmithJuly 1, 2024

Martin Mull, wry comic master of ‘Fernwood’ and ‘Roseanne,’ dies at 80

An accomplished musician and artist, Mr. Mull performed in roles from Colonel Mustard in “Clue” to a mockumentary “The History of White People in America.”

By Brian Murphy and Andrew JeongJune 29, 2024

Orlando Cepeda, Hall of Famer and baseball’s ‘Baby Bull,’ dies at 86

His exuberant play made him a fan favorite in San Francisco and St. Louis, but a drug conviction delayed his election to the Hall of Fame.

By Matt SchudelJune 29, 2024

Frederick Crews, literary critic and steely Freud skeptic, dies at 91

He made light of academic criticism with help from the Hundred Acre Wood, and spent years challenging the legacy and impact of Sigmund Freud.

By Harrison SmithJune 28, 2024

Russell Morash, father of how-to and fix-it television, dies at 88

By putting Julia Child and “This Old House” on the air, he helped create the TV genre that has inspired millions to don an apron or tool belt with D.I.Y. gusto.

By Emily LangerJune 28, 2024

Kinky Friedman, Texas songwriter, satirist and folk hero, dies at 79

He showcased his outlandish humor in songs like “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore.” In 2006, he ran for governor as an independent, coming in fourth.

By Harrison SmithJune 27, 2024

Tom Prasada-Rao, musician who captured anguish over George Floyd, dies at 66

The Maryland-based folk singer’s viral hit “$20 Bill” came amid the protests and rage in 2020 after Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minnesota.

By Brian MurphyJune 27, 2024

Romay Johnson Davis, veteran of Black women’s WWII Army unit, dies at 104

She was the oldest surviving member of the “Six Triple Eight,” the only predominantly Black unit of the Women’s Army Corps to serve overseas during World War II.

By Emily LangerJune 26, 2024

Bill Cobbs, actor who built career on poignant older roles, dies at 90

As an elder actor, Mr. Cobbs played wise and wily roles in films such as “The Hudsucker Proxy” and “The Bodyguard.”

By Associated PressJune 26, 2024

Obituaries - The Washington Post (2024)


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