Texture Pack | Community Guide (2024)

Tired of the standered geometry dash look? than this is the guide for you! This guide will cover how to make your own texture pack!

By: priestytheplushie

This guide will help you create your own Texture pack for Geometry Dash, This guide works for both normal Geometry Dash and your GDPS. This guide is updated for 2.11 and NOT 2.2

NOTE: You cannot "add" textures to the game (without a mod) but you can replace textures, This guide will only cover replacing files, not modding new textures in.

DISCLAIMER: Editing Geometry Dash textures can lead to strange, sometimes unexplained glitches or odd behavior, make sure to backup your files before attempting this!

How Geometry Dash Textures Work

Before we can get started making our own pack, we must first learn how RobTop made textures work in Geometry Dash. In Geometry Dash textures are stored on spritesheets, which is a giant image of a ton of textures on it, these spritesheets are accompanied with a .plist file that tells the game where the textures are on the spritesheet. The android and first PC method in this guide do NOT touch the .plist files, while the second pc method does. Keep this information in mind while making your pack


There are 3 different methods you can use to make your Texture pack, there is themobile method, the Replacement method, and the Texture Split method. Each method has different pros and cons.

Mobile Method (Android)

This method is for GDPS owners who manage their GDPS on mobile, You can use the PC method to make packs for your Mobile device, so this method is only required if you mamage your GDPS on your mobile device.

NOTE: The default Geometry Dash APK cannot run "High" or UHD (Ultra High Detail) textures, you should edit the HD/Default files instead

You will need:

  • Your GDPS Apk

  • APK Editor

  • Photo Editor

  • Basic Photo Editing Skills

Pros/Cons of this Method

Step 1. Locating Files

Open your APK Editor and find your GDPS's APK, and choose "Simple Edit" than go to the Assats folder and save all the spritesheets you want to edit.

Step 2. Making your Pack

Now, open your photo editing app and start making your pack, you can make any kind of pack you want but you should note these things while making it

  • When you modify a texture, make the modifed texture the same size or slightly smaller than the original. It cannot be bigger than the origianl or issues will arrise

  • When deleting the old texture make sure to delete all of the pixels, otherwise graphical errors may occur

  • Use Black and Clear on icons if you want them to use the primary/secondary color of the player, or you can make a custom icon with custom colors that overrides the players colors

  • Do not edit the logo with this method, instead use the Texture Splitter method for a better result.

  • Make sure the file names of the spritesheets remain unchanged, otherwise the game won't recognize them.

Step 3. Compiling the APK

Now,take your conpleted textures back to the APK Editor, go back to the GDPS Apk and open it in Simple Edit, than go to the assats folder, Click the "Replace" button and replace the old files with the new ones you just made, than press build

And now your done! install the apk and open it up to see your bramd new pack!

Replacement Method (PC)

This is basically the mobile method, but for PC.

You will need:

  • GDPS Files

  • Photo Editor

  • Basic Photo Editing Skills



Easier to do

More Limited

Easier to have errors

Step 1. Locating Files

Open up your GDPS folder and find the "Resources" folder, this folder contains all the textures and .plist files, along with all music (including custom songs) Sabe the files you wish to edit into a seperate folder on your Desktop

Step 2. Make your Pack

Now, make your pack, you can make whatever you want, but make sure to follow these guidelines

  • Make sure the textures are smaller or the exact same size, otherwise it will be cut off

  • When deleting the old textures, make sure to delete everything

  • Use black and white to make your icons change depending on the players selected primary and secondary colors in game

Step 3. Adding your files

Now, return to the GDPS Resources folder and replace the files with the ones you edited, if it asks if you want to replace, say Yes!

Now launch the game and enjoy your brand new Texture Pack!

Texture Splitter Method

This method uses Absolutes Texture Splitter to make editing easier and more customizable.

You will need:

  • Absolutes Texture Splitter Get it here

  • Your GDPS Files

  • Photo Editor

  • Basic Photo Editing Skills



More Customizations

More Storage Required

Easier to use

Takes Longer

Generates custom . plist

External Tool

Step 1. Locating Spritesheets

Go to your GDPS files and open up the Resources folder, now, move all files you want to edit to a new folder named "Textures" on your Desktop

Step 2. Splitting the Files

Now, open up the Texture Splitter and split the files, make the target the files that you want to edit and the location the "Textures" folder you made, you will have to do this once per spritesheet

Step 3. Make the pack

Now, make the pack, you can edit each texture individually and you don't have to worry about textures being too big! Heres some tips

  • Increase the canvas (paint.net) to allow you to make a bigger texture

  • Make the textures however you want, there isn't many limitations

Step 4. Merge the pack

Now, open Texture Splitter and merge all the spritesheet folders, if you get a popup about .plist files click "No"

Step 5. Save the pack

Now, move the the files in the texture folder into the Resources folder (The spritesheets and .plist files ONLY) and than run the game, and your done! the texture pack should be open the game now!

End of Guide

Congratulations! You've read the entire guide and made your own Texture pack, if you need help, dm me (priestytheplushie) on discord.

Texture Pack | Community Guide (2024)


What does 16x mean in texture packs? ›

16x Pixels - This is the default pixel size. The default textures for Minecraft have 16x pixels. There are 256 pixels in all. 16x Texture Packs DO NOT require patching from MCPatcher or Optifine!

How to download resource packs from Steam? ›

Resource Packs can be installed by either being placed in the ResourcePacks folder, or by being downloaded from the Steam Workshop, where they will be installed and updated automatically. The ResourcePacks folder can be accessed by pressing the "Open Folder" option in the Resource Packs menu in-game.

Do texture packs affect servers? ›

Texture packs are entirely client side. Resource Packs I'm a bit waffley on, since they include more than just textures. But you can totally just use graphical replacements on your own install and it won't affect anyone else.

Are Minecraft textures 16x16 or 32x32? ›

When you play minecraft with an applied texture (or resource) pack, it will apply that texture pack's image to the object. If the game encounters an item that the resource pack doesn't have an image for, it applies the mod's image, which is almost always 16x16.

What does 512x512 mean? ›

512x means that each texture of a block is 512 pixels by 512 pixels.

How do I make a Steam Workshop pack? ›


Go to the workshop page of the game you wish to make a collection for. Navigate to Browse > Collections. Click on Create Collection. Give your collection a title, branding image, collection type, and description.

How do I find mod packs on Steam? ›

Many games support mods through the Steam Workshop, where you can easily browse for new content and have it automatically appear in your game. You can also find mods related to a game by checking for the "Community-made Mods" section on its store page.

What is pack png? ›

Q: What is pack. png? The image Minecraft used for the default texture pack in the texture pack selection screen, and also for greyed out if a server doesn't have a icon.

Is Minecraft texture packs free? ›

The price of texture packs is also dependent on the edition. If you are using one of the legacy console editions, then texture packs are usually around $2.99 U.S. dollars. However, if you download the texture packs yourself, such as in the case of Minecraft Java Edition, then texture packs are free!

Are Minecraft texture packs legal? ›

you can use whatever mods and texture packs you want. its all 100% legal. the only thing that is frowned upon or banned in MP servers is using 'X-RAY' texture packs, where everything is shown as glass apart from a few blocks.

Are texture packs banned on Hypixel? ›

Disallowed Modifications

Mods that change the look of the game, allowing you to see through areas you're not supposed to (e.g. modeled texture packs, certain shaders, etc.) Mods that offer unfair features such as: (e.g. AutoClicking, KillAura, AutoAim, etc.)

Do texture packs require Optifine? ›

While Optifine isn't required, it is highly suggested. If you don't have Optifine, many of the textures will look pretty bad. Them download the latest version available, and if possible, get HD Ultra. Enjoy!

What is 16x resolution? ›

16 pixels by 16 pixels. Its most commonly used in resource packs.

What is the difference between 16x and 32x texture pack? ›

16x packs are the default resolution, each tile being 16x16 pixels square. 32, 64, and 128x allow for increased detail, at the possible cost of performance & animated water/lava. To make one, you need a . png image file of a certain resolution (it must be a power of 2, BTW (256x256 for 16x16, 512x512 for 32x32, etc.

Are all Minecraft textures 16x16? ›

Just like the blocks, usually the textures of the items in Minecraft are also done in 16 x 16 pixels. Most of the item textures are static, except those for clock and compass.

What does 256x mean? ›

256x: This is the default resolution for Minecraft and is considered low resolution. It offers good performance on most systems but may lack detail in textures compared to higher resolutions. 512x: This is a standard resolution that provides a good balance between visual quality and performance.


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