X37 Bus Schedule Pdf (2024)

1. [PDF] MTA X27/X37 bus timetable

  • Let us know your thoughts, questions, or suggestions about the new timetables at new.mta.info/timetables-feedback. X27/X37 Weekday. To Manhattan. Ft Hamilton.

2. [PDF] X37 Bay Ridge Midtown Manhattan.pdf - MTA

  • New York City Transit. Bus Timetable. Effective as of January 6, 2019. X27/X37. Express Service. If you think your bus operator deserves an Apple Award — our.

3. [PDF] Bonnybridge - Cumbernauld - Condorrat - Glasgow X37 ... - First Bus

  • X37. Sunday. Ref.No.: 01LW. Service No. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. X37. Falkirk, Central Retail Park .... .... 0924. 1024. 1124.

4. [PDF] Lothian Buses Ltd PM2/4 Service X37 Weekday Timetable

  • Lothian Buses Ltd. PM2/4. Service X37. Weekday Timetable. Penicuik, Deanburn. 0716 0736 0756. Penicuik, Town Centre. 0725 0747 0806. Bilston Roundabout. 0739 ...

5. [PDF] X37 - Falkirk – Glasgow - First Bus

  • For live 'real time' bus information download the First Bus App. X37. Page 2. Welcome aboard! Operating many bus routes throughout Central Scotland and. West ...

6. [PDF] Timetables for Service Number: X37

7. [PDF] Timetables for Service Number: X37 - Its Called Cumbernauld

  • X37 Glasgow (Buchanan Bus Station) - Falkirk (Bus Station). Via Muirhead - Condorrat - Cumbernauld - Allandale - High Bonnybridge - Bonnybridge. Service No.:.

8. [PDF] X36 | X37 - AWS

  • Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station. 2010. 2113. 2210. Falkirk or Stirling Cumbernauld Glasgow this bus continues to. Haggs, Kerr Crescent arriving at 2227. Glasgow ...

9. [PDF] x37 (Retford) - Tuxford Academy.xlsx


10. X37 - Falkirk - Glasgow – McGill's Scotland East - Bus Times

11. 37, X37 - Inverness - Carrbridge - Aviemore – Stagecoach Highlands

  • 37, X37 ... Timetable data from Stagecoach Highlands, 23 May 2024 ... Mobile tickets and live bus tracking available on the Stagecoach Bus app · Contact · Data ...

  • Stagecoach Highlands

12. [PDF] x37 (Newark) - Tuxford Academy.xlsx

  • The bus will stop for pupils to board and alight ... ROUTE AM: Newark, Great North Road, South Muskham ... x37 Newark. CAPACITY: 74.

13. [PDF] 37A|X37 Retford | Tuxford | Newark 37 - Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd

  • Newark Bus Station (B). 07:50 07:55 08:55. 55. 13:55 ... timetable. *00:00* Stops on Marnham Road outside ... 37|37A|X37.

14. X37 | Faresaver Buses

  • ... 555 · 635/636. Service No. X37. Main Stops. Chippenham Lackham.. Map. (opens bustimes.org).. Time Table. (opens PDF). Service Disruption News. No Results ...

15. Timetables - Lothian Buses

  • Live bus times – With ... We have over 50 day bus routes across Edinburgh and the Lothians. ... X37. Penicuik - Edinburgh · 38. West Granton - Royal ...

  • Lothian Buses - Local bus services in and around Edinburgh

Timetables - Lothian Buses

16. [PDF] X37 Gladenbach Bischoffen Mittenaar Herborn - RMV

  • X37 Gladenbach Bischoffen Mittenaar Herborn. Expressbus. RMV-Servicetelefon: 069 / 24 24 80 24. ▽. Montag - Freitag. Fahrt 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106.

17. X27 Bus Schedule - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | pdfFiller

  • ... timetable x27 bus schedule pdf x37 bus schedule 2022 x37 bus schedule pdf x27 bus schedule 2022 x27 bus times x27bus x27 bus schedule pdf. Related to x27 x37 ...

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18. X27 and X37 buses - MTA Regional Bus Operations Wiki - Fandom

  • The X27 and X37 are two express bus routes in Manhattan and Brooklyn, running between Midtown Manhattan and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. The X27 was originally ...

  • The X27 and X37 are two express bus routes in Manhattan and Brooklyn, running between Midtown Manhattan and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. The X27 was originally the B27X, which began service in 1972, as the first express bus route linking Manhattan and Brooklyn. In an unknown year, the X37 was created. The X27 begins at East 57th Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, and turns to 5th Avenue and continues until it reaches 23rd Street, while buses heading to the Midtown terminus use Madison Ave

X27 and X37 buses - MTA Regional Bus Operations Wiki - Fandom
X37 Bus Schedule Pdf (2024)


What express bus goes to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn? ›

The MTA Express X27 - Bay Ridge - Manhattan Express bus serves 36 bus stops in New York City departing from E 23 St / Broadway and ending at 5 Av / W 30 St.

Is there an express bus from Brooklyn to Manhattan? ›

X- routes are operated by New York City Transit, while BM-routes are operated by MTA Bus Company. All routes operate nonstop between Brooklyn and Manhattan via the Gowanus Expressway or Prospect Expressway to the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel, with some routes continuing non-stop via the FDR Drive to reach Midtown.

How much is the express bus from Brooklyn? ›

Subways and buses

Express buses cost $7. Tap to pay your fare with your contactless credit/debit card, smartphone, or OMNY card, or pay with a MetroCard.

What is the difference between a local bus and an express bus? ›

Local buses stop around every two blocks and are painted orange. Rapid buses are faster buses with fewer stops only at major intersections and are painted red. Express buses travel on routes on freeways for longer distances with fewer stops and has a higher premium.

Is the 3 Express in Brooklyn? ›

The 3 operates at all times. Daytime service operates between 148th Street in Harlem, Manhattan and New Lots Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn, making express stops in Manhattan and all stops in Brooklyn.

Is bus 518 express? ›

Go-Ahead Express Bus Service 518 is an Express service running from Pasir Ris Interchange and looping at Bayfront Avenue, passing through Tampines, Bedok North, Moulmein, Orchard, Suntec City and Bayfront.

Which NYC buses are express? ›

MTA Express Bus
  • BM1. Mill Basin - Downtown / Midtown.
  • BM2. Canarsie / Spring Creek - Dtwn / Midtown.
  • BM3. Sheepshead Bay - Downtown / Midtown.
  • BM4. Gerritsen Beach - Downtown / Midtown.
  • BM5. Spring Creek - Midtown.
  • BxM1. Riverdale - East Midtown.
  • BxM2. Riverdale - West Midtown.
  • BxM3. Yonkers - Midtown.

Is National Express a bus? ›

About National Express

The coach operator has been running services in the UK since the 1970s and have grown from local buses to an international company with routes as far as Germany.


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